queen city loot! woot!

Happy day! (rainy day, but happy day) First and most importantly, today was Champlain College's graduation, so a big, huge congrats to all the graduates today!!! Secondly, today was the Queen City Craft Bazaar. I have always been meaning to go but never quite got around to it, so I made it a point to go this year. Impressive! I love seeing tons of local indie craft in one handy place for my shopping pleasure. I scored some great loot! Check it out:

This card is dedicated to all of you seniors (ack, alumni) who I will miss so much!
:: wood type notes by May Day Studio ::

I HAD to have these fabric earrings. It was love at first sight. The print, the stitching, the grommets... yes!
:: by the talented Kacey Freel-Boone of subsixstudios ::

I couldn't decide between these and the fabric earrings, so I picked up both! I couldn't help myself. They're so snaz!
:: also by Kacey Freel-Boone of subsixstudios ::

Me and buttons. I can't get enough. After the strenuous project that was the button coaster, I vowed never to weave buttons again. I was glad to pay for this fun and quirky bracelet and snagged up the sweet hair elastic as well.
:: by Stacie Mincher Designs ::

My only regret is that I couldn't splurge more! The show displayed a great pool of talent and I'm so glad I made it down this year. I honestly could have bought something unique and amazing from every single crafter there! Too bad money doesn't fall from the sky like the rain did today. Thanks to all the crafters and organizers for putting on a great show!


  1. Thank you SO much for the write up on the Queen City Craft Bazaar and for the sweet words (and pics) about my products. I am so glad you like the earrings you got from me and that you enjoyed the craft show. -Kacey

  2. Sarah!
    Thanks for visiting the show today and for blogging about it! Customers like you make my day! You seem pretty crafty yourself. Maybe you should be a vendor too? Happy crafting! :)




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