so much fun, it's ridonculous*

*"ridonculous" - courtesy of my coworker Ray (check out his gorgeous photos from a recent trip to Scotland!) :-)
Yep, it's true. I am having so much fun with my paper and stitch Etsy shop, I can hardly take it. I'm sure there are tons of tips and tricks I haven't figured out yet, BUT the one I found today is a goldmine! For anyone who has an Etsy shop and doesn't already know about this splendid little hack - take note: (Thanks, Ian! I'll be following you @etsyhacks on twitter.)

The ability to duplicate a current listing and still make changes and add new photos! Brilliant! Why Etsy doesn't offer this as a regular feature, I don't know. If you're a Firefox user, the add-on script is easy peasy and worked seamlessly for me. Such a time saver!

In other Etsy related news, here's a peek into my shop and what I listed tonight. Button greeting cards (some even for Christmas - ack!). Only 92 days... don't panic.

(Ok, is it me, or does that picture look like it is at angle?! I've checked over and over and it's not... the pesky angle of the cards is playing mind tricks with me.)


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the tip Sarah! And, yes that photo totally looks like its at an angle- are you sure it's not? ;-) LOL




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