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See that lovely floral mousepad in my etsy bar to the left? Yes? Good. Now, look below. Ah, yes... the same floral mousepad somehow jumped off the shim + sons etsy shop page and right into my hot little hands. The magic of the internet.

I love this gem. I love just about everything ever created by Sally Shim. Her style is beautifully delicate, simple, modern and clean. I love it. Did I mention I l-o-v-e it?

One must admit, the oh-so-aesthetically-pleasing gray Dell mousepad is classic, but I was ready to rebel. This colorful beauty will accompany me to my new office space next month (pending all goes well with construction and the move, but that's another story). I figured if I have to look at a mousepad for 8+ hours a day, at least it could look nicely back at me.


  1. WHAT?! BLASPHEMY!!! You know how much I spent on those Dell mousepads?!


    Okay, maybe not a whole lot, but your mouse pad definitely has more personality. :o)




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