love is in the air... love. and cupcakes.

While I'm not big on the consumerism hype of Valentine's Day, I AM a big fan of red and pink.... and love. Yeah, that's pretty good stuff too. ;-) I am up way too late right now, when I should be sleeping because Jay and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow to head down to my aunt and uncle's house for a weekend visit. I spent the evening baking strawberry cupcakes to bring with us. The house was filled with an unnatural scent of strawberry Nestle Quik.

All sorts of pink yumminess! I didn't have enough muffin tins to bake all the cupcakes at once and I'm far too lazy to bake two batches, so I poured the extra into a cake round (that one's for us....shhh!). We indulged around 10 pm and now we're pretty wound for sound. I must say, it came out moist and delish.

Even though we decided not to "do" Valentine's Day this year (we're saving for a bunch of other expenses right now), Jay brought home this cutie patootie little frog from Lake Champlain Chocolates. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, delivered by my handsome husband - a perfect treat! A perfect treat that didn't last long. Thanks, sweetheart. I love you more each and every day. You are my absolute best friend and if I keep on going, I will sound like a Hallmark card. xo.

Check out this sweet site, (found via oh joy!). I submitted one in honor of Jay: "I love you more than Double Stuf Oreos and cold milk." And that's a WHOLE lot. Hope you are spending some time this weekend with those you love... we shouldn't need Valentine's Day to remind us of that.



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