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So, judging from this post you might think that webcams were just invented yesterday. Seriously. We had a wonderful trip to visit my Aunt Joanne, Uncle Tim, Cousin David (hi guys!), and Dad and Nancy. Unfortunately, my Cousin Andrew couldn't make it home from college but we chatted via video online.... Do you see where this is going?! Yes!

You would think Jay and I have been living under a rock to not know exactly how cool it is to be able to have video conversations with people over the interwebs. Jay had the brilliant idea of seeing if our PS EyeToy could become a webcam. A driver download later and some finagling and we were in business! We Skyped my Aunt and Uncle and because I had everything hooked up to the laptop, I was able to give them a tour of our new house. It was the bee's knees.

Anywho, I messed around with Movie Maker some and now I'm just making really silly stuff. Like this. Coming soon to a computer screen near you, "Buster Machine... Doo doo doo".

P.S. - I highly recommend this "new fangled" technology! If you're on Skype... add me!
P.P.S. - On a crafty note, the fam was cleaning out the garage and I was generously donated a HEAP of delightful fabrics, yarns, glitters, wood, and other goodies. Yay!


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