la vita bella

Alas, here is a snippet of the amazing times, beautiful art, rich history, natural wonders, tremendous food and unforgettable people we encountered in Italy. This was truly an adventure of a lifetime. I'll sound like a total sap if I go on and on about what a truly fabulous, fabulous time we had and how awesome it was to be integrated into the culture and people, of Cortona especially. It meant so much to me to do this with my mom and a million thanks to Patty for giving us the opportunity to do so. I'll spare you all the details, but know this: if you ever, EVER get the chance to visit Italy, do it. In two weeks, I know we only scratched the surface, but it's a surface I will always remember.

I took well over 1000 photos, so picking a select few to post here was difficult to say the least. A complete collection (with organized sets and some captions... whoo!) can be found here if you ever find yourself home alone, on a Saturday night, while your cat is sleeping, facebook is boring you, and there's nothing good on tv:


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