think (summer) tank

The tease of summer has been upon us with 70- and 80-something degree days lately. Normal temperatures this time of year in Burlington are around 60. Needless to say, we've been spoiled... and me - lacking in summer attire. I endlessly get tired of my clothes. It's a bad (and expensive) habit, I know. I've gotten a lot better in the last several years, but the change in season always gets me pining for something new. Forget thinking spring, I'm thinking summer!

I saw this over on CraftyPod during her review of the book, Sew Darn Cute and the necklace tank just called to me. You can see my obvious inspiration for this one. Prettied up with a mish-mash of limey, bluey, and orangey Amy Butler prints.

This was a super easy and fast project. Done just like the applique onesies - heat n' bond, stabilizer (that's the secret weapon!) and sewn for good measure. My only (but big) oopsie on this project was that my iron had a chunk of heat n' bond still left on the plate and when I went to iron for the first time, it left a nice plastic-y mess all over the tank. Oh well. I scrubbed and washed and dried and it still didn't come off.... so, I colored it with Sharpie. Ha! Less noticeable than a whitish plastic film, no?

I just finished up a couple of other projects which I'll post about soon. Work has been wicked busy, as it's the end of the academic year and there is tons of stuff going on. Fun stuff, but time consuming nonetheless. That, plus I am readying myself to start up my MBA program in 3 weeks and head to San Antonio for a conference at the same time. Trying to get as much crafting done as possible before I officially no longer have a life. xo.




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