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Here's my first go at modifying a pattern similar to the passport covers; this is for full size composition notebooks. The fabric covers can be filled with new notebook inserts when you've filled up the pages of your first one.

There is a large pocket that runs all along the outside of the notebook, and smaller pockets on the inner front and back covers... perfect for holding business cards or little notes. The notebook cover is fully lined in brown twill and has pretty Amy Butler fabric and natural linen on the exterior.

I'm pretty happy with how this test run came out, however next time instead of adding the label to the inside of the notebook (which will most likely not always live with the cover) , I'll just slip a card into the inside pocket of the cover.

Which brings me to another dilemma... tags. I really want to be able to tag/label my items with my logo, but haven't found a sufficient resource for doing so yet. I've seen some tutorials about printing on twill tape or doing iron-on transfers, but I'm not sure those will stand the test of time, wash, and wear. Buying woven labels is pricey and not worth it for this stage in my business. Anybody have any ideas or resources they can share? Hoping to get an Etsy shop rolling by fall!

Other ideas for these notebooks could be adding applique to the front similar to the onesies (see posts here, here, and here), adding some sort of other embellishment (buttons!?), and maybe adding some interfacing to make them a bit stiffer and more "rugged". Thoughts?

Oh, also... thanks to the generous Clarice Gomes for the vector art in my new blog header! If you are looking for some great (free!) vector art, you can go to Vecteezy or to her website.


  1. Here is a good idea I found on Craftster:

    Or another option would be to print the design out on printable fabric (they sell it on the WalMart website, I think Avery makes it) and cut it from that.

  2. Thanks, Colleen. I actually tried the iron-on paper (craftster) tute and while it works for somethings, for clothing and any placement where the label would be quite visible, the label is very plastic-y feeling from the iron-on. Poop. It was worth a try. I'd prefer the more natural feel of the twill tape. I'll check out the printable fabric though! I might just have to cave and buy woven labels.




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