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Yippee! I jumped on this deal the moment I saw it. I've been wanting to get a portable photo studio for a long time now and this was just too good to pass up. The kit comes complete with portable light-diffusing box which folds up into handy carrying case, reversible background, camera stand, 2 lights, and editing software. Score! Check this baby out:

And look what it can do! Hopefully this will help in getting a professional look to my photos.

:: vintage spools from mom's collection. sweet find, huh? ::

Lord knows, I would love to learn actual photography, but unfortunately that's not in the time or money cards right now. Cheers to being an amateur!

:: bucket o' keychains... for sale soon! ::


  1. Fancy schmancy that's just downright sweet!I'm sure you're an awesome photographer sans light diffusing box but these are awesome!

  2. Agh! It's all sold out now!! Bummer! I have actually been meaning to make one of these, but at that price I totally would have bought it and saved myself the trouble. I guess I will have to keep checking to see if they get it in stock again...

  3. Colleen - you can check out thinkgeek.com. They had one too that was similar but a bit more expensive I think and they were also out of stock at the time I was looking... I made one originally out of tissue paper and a cardboard box, but my cat just couldn't get enough of it, and the tissue paper didn't hold up very well! hahaha. Of course, a girl can't deny her kitty a cardboard box to play in!




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