four-legged frenzy

Ok, so I've been a bit MIA recently. Take a guess at why...
:: photo taken with Auntie Mary and Uncle Seth on Snake Mountain ::

Everybody, meet Sam. Sam, everybody.

:: on the car ride home to Vermont, coming from Connecticut ::

We just adopted Sam last week and he's quickly become an endless source of smiles and snuggles in our household. Sam is a 3-almost-4 year old black lab sweetheart and also our first dog, which means lots of adjusting for mom and dad.

:: more Snake Mountain fun with Seth & Mary (and Fisher, Kaisey, and Beaufort) ::

It's been a hectic week getting up to speed with taking care of a dog again for the first time since childhood, but what a fun week it's been. Lots of trips to the dog park, walks, meeting other furry friends and trying to make peace with Buster kitty. We're still working on that last one. Making progress everyday. If Buster would just stand his ground, Sam would get over him in a heartbeat, but alas, our kitty is a sissy.

:: at the dog park. super excited = super slobber ::

I'm excited for all the fun to come with this big lovable four-legged fur ball. He is just the sweetest and most well-behaved dog we could have possibly asked for. We got so lucky!

Happy tails to you!


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