reflections on 2009

Wow, can't believe the year is gone already. Time for a new decade! Wow! It's been a busy year and a busier last 3 months since I "soft-launched" Paper and Stitch. It makes me so happy to share what I love with others. I am so grateful to have found welcoming, creative, energetic and helpful communities to be a part of and help me along in this journey. I plan to launch an official grand opening of Paper and Stitch in early 2010. These last few months have really helped me hone in on the process of it all and what it takes to be a one-woman show. It was easy to list items on Etsy, but then when I got my first sale, it made me think... ok, NOW what?! There is a lot to do between drawing patterns and shipping an item out the door! It allowed me to understand the steps and get a real grasp of the time demand on a handmade business.

I've been working diligently at establishing a brand in the social media sphere. You can find me here...
But there are obvious avenues I've been neglecting... Like, I don't know... an email to friends and family would be smart! Hello?! Sometimes I admittedly forget that not everyone is hooked into social media. It's just the most convenient and quick way for me to reach people, but that doesn't mean I'm reaching all the people who may be most interested. Slap on wrist... lesson learned! :-)

I admit, working a very busy full-time (plus) job and finding time to devote to a business, let alone just sitting down to create is very difficult. Oh yeah, I have a husband, some semblance of a social life, and two adorable four-leggers who need my attention too. Some people think I'm nuts. Sometimes I agree. But mostly, I think I just like trying new things, keeping busy, and exploring my capabilities. I am so very grateful to have an amazingly supportive husband and ring of family and friends who keep me sane (that also means all of my online friends who I have never met in person, but are a steadfast source of energy and support!). I'm constantly (sometimes contentedly, sometimes not) searching for my place in this world and this mix keeps me going. I'm certainly not doing this to get rich, but I know that it feeds my soul and that's what it's all about, isn't it? I've learned so much and I look forward to learning more in 2010!

Cheers, 2009! It's been a good run!


  1. Sarah, It's interesting that you think you aren't doing enough - there are only 24 hours in the day. I admit I feel the same about my photo business - I enjoy the creativity and support I receive from those who encounter my work.
    Have a happy new year




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