floptastic is a fun word

So much to catch up on! It's been over two months since my last post. Oh well... not gonna beat myself up over it. Someone said to me recently, "at any given point, we're doing the best we can." That totally struck home for me on so many levels.

Anywho, things have been good! Busy, as always, but good! Much of my spare time has been devoted to a photography class since the beginning of the year. Between shooting photos, developing film and spending (loads of) time in the darkroom, I've been keeping myself entertained for sure. I absolutely love this class... black and white film photography. Really learning the fundamentals and operations of a camera, which is important to me. So many people spend gobs of money on beautiful DSLRs but don't really know how to use them or keep them on automatic mode. Not me... I won't do that! I can't justify the cost until I can really manipulate the camera to make it do what I want it to. This is turning into a longer update than I thought. Basically, I'm loving exploring this art form and am excited for the rest of the semester (and to get a DSLR soon... hmmm, my birthday IS coming up!?).

In other news, not much crafting has been going on lately - and my Paper and Stitch Etsy shop has been completely neglected. *sad face* I did manage to squeak out my first bag towards the end of January though. I would deem it a success for my first try. I learned a lot and hope to apply my learnings to making more bags soon! This one took me 8 hours, so I'm hesitant to try another, but I know it will only get quicker the more I know what I'm doing.

Notes for next time:
  1. Stiffer interfacing. The interfacing I used felt SO stiff when I was working on the bag, but now that I've worked it in some, it's too floppy-floptastic.
  2. While I made it more complicated for myself by adding the outer/inner pockets and dual-fabric liner, I liked the look. Maybe next time I'll forgo those extra options to save myself the extra math, pressing, cutting, pressing, sewing, and pressing. ;-) Darn that pressing (it really does make a huge difference though).
  3. Reinforce the strap bases. Not that this one is ripping, but sometimes I worry it might when I weight it down. Bad habit of overloading my bag!
  4. Add reinforcement (thick rigid cardboard) insert into the bottom of the bag for rigidity and stability.
  5. Add canvas for the base of the bag... feel like the cotton will get worn quickly.

My first bag was a great learning process and lots of fun. It's been so gratifying to get compliments on the bag from random strangers and then they ask me where I got it. ;-)

Other new discoveries since the beginning of the year:
  1. Roller derby. Rocks. Period.
  2. Green smoothies and raw food (courtesy of my friend and college roommate, Tracy and her husband Davy over at Incredible Smoothies.)
  3. I'm ready for spring and sunshine.
  4. Adele
  5. Having a dog has changed my life. For realz. Is it crazy to say I'm a better person because of my dog?!

'til next time


  1. OMG! I totally dig your bag! I made market totes for Christmas presents this year, but they were nothing compared to that! We will have to get together so you can give me a tutorial.




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