tree skirt: mission complete

In my last post, I showed you the new modern elf-style stockings I made just in time for Christmas this year. Well, I wanted to finally make us a tree skirt as well. Who cares if it was a post-Christmas project. There are 12 days, right?!

Here's the old one, modeled Vanna-style by Buster Pickle Wiggles the cat. Alas, it IS Martha Stewart but it just wasn't cutting the Christmas mustard anymore. Pretty enough, but I much prefer a less glitzy look (you can't tell in the photo, but the snowflakes are glittery) and the material was pretty chintzy feeling too. Light blue snowflakey tree skirt looking for a new home!

Continuing the same theme and color palette with the stockings, here's our new tree skirt!

I used a pattern from Sew4Home (yet again... that place kicks!). This was my first experience with any sort of quilting (layers, batting, binding)... whoo! I learned as I went and have a whole new appreciation for quilters... and I didn't even do any real quilting! Kind of makes me want to try... look at THIS one! Oooooh ahhhhh. Then again, maybe I should stick to simple squares first time around.
The pattern calls for making your own bias tape and quite frankly, I wasn't about to spend 3 days making my own, so I happily bought some double-fold and used 7/8" rather than 1/2" because I wanted it to look more substantial. I also did not add ties. While that would look pretty, it would be one more thing for the cat to bat around under the tree and let me tell you, he has plenty of fun under there already!

I hope you had a splendid holiday season and spent time with those you hold dear. Did you do any holiday-ish projects this year? While I love making things for others, a little part of me was giddy to make something we get to keep all for ourselves!


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