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Betty Crocker frosting. It's a beautiful thing. What's even more beautiful? Re-purposing and reusing those darling little plastic containers. Now, before you go and think I downed these 3 containers of frosting all by my lonesome, I'll have you know I've been collecting them for a good long.... *oh, excuse me, gotta wipe some frosting off my lip*... time. Just kidding! Save up your cans, plastic tubs, Crystal Light containers, whatever. Here's a quick little project to cheer up your desk or craft area.

I like to use frosting containers the best because they're white and clean looking and have no sharp edges. I use metal cans too, but just watch your fingers. You could easily cover the cut edges with washi tape or a strip of paper just to be safe.

  1. Take plastic containers, wash thoroughly and rip off the label.
  2. Round up some purdy paper.
  3. With a ruler, measure the height of your container. No need to measure the circumference unless you're using a really large or small container. These frosting tubs are perfectly wrapped with a 12" long strip of paper (the standard size for most scrapbooking paper).
  4. Cut paper to size and use double-sided tape to adhere.
  5. Ta da! Be amazed at your crafty self!
I added another strip of paper just for kicks. Play around! Use pretty paper punches, stamps, ribbon... go nuts!
Here's my collection of newly revitalized recyclables on my sewing/crafting desk!


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