baby birthday bunting

Baby birthday bunting... say that five times fast! Here's my latest little craft project made for my favorite little just-turned-one-year-old. We were lucky enough to join our dear friends, Jim and Logan in CT for their daughter's birthday last weekend.

In my own quest to simplify/declutter/minimize my surroundings, I started thinking about the gifts I give in the same light. Though I'm not one, my guess is that most moms grow pretty weary of the toy mountain that has slowly encroached on their living room. Here's hoping Brooklynn and her parents can enjoy this gift for some time to come! Plus, it did double-duty as a party decoration!

This bunting was pretty easy to create... the options are endless for this. Customize for baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, room decor... oh the fun! I learned one thing for sure - adhesive felt does NOT adhere to fabric. I probably should have thought that one out better before trying to save myself some time. I thought the adhesive felt would be a great alternative to applique. Well, I was wrong. So instead I had to applique sticky felt. Needle was not happy, but it got the job done. Lesson learned for next time - go old school applique.

Isn't she just precious?! Such a beauty!

Me and the birthday girl... the morning after the first-birthday cupcake rager party.


  1. This is such an adorable and great gift Sarah!
    I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you guys and enjoy the festivities.
    Hopefully for birthday #2!




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