A Year of Memories... on scrap paper

I'm not really one to make New Year's resolutions, but I did make one resolution for 2012 - be more mindful of the moment - of the times I feel joy - of the times that stop me in my tracks. Be IN it and after, remember what it felt like. That resolution led me to our 2012 memory jar (an idea I originally found on Pinterest). Leave small pieces of paper and a pen by a large jar/bowl/canister. Write memories, big or small, on those pieces of paper with the date and drop into the jar. We left ours out in plain sight so we made it a habit to keep up all year. Amazingly, we did! On New Year's Eve, read those memories aloud to each other and reminisce on all the magic (or maybe not so magical moments) that shaped your world in the past year.

On December 31st, 2012, we had a quiet night in, ate lots of yummy appetizers and took turns reading each other our memorable moments from the year.... and were in bed by 10 pm (hey, mama is tired!). The best part is the surprises you get - both by what your family member(s) put in the jar and also things you yourself had forgotten. What a glorious way to ring in the new year!

A few of our top memories, the good and the not-so-good, in chronological order:


I should mention that Jay did put in his fair share as well, but these topped the list for me!  All in all, some pretty milestone events happened this year. We celebrated grandpa's life, Jay's new job, my 30th birthday, my brother's engagement, getting pregnant, and our 5 year wedding anniversary... plus a host of other daily joys. I'd say 2012 was one for the memory books indeed.


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