Showered with Love

To say we're incredibly grateful would be an understatement. Not only were we completely spoiled by all the amazing gifts for Baby Jerger and our family, our hearts are bursting with love and joy for all of our friends and family who steadfastly show us such support and care. Our little guy isn't even born and yet he is loved beyond belief. It's incredible to know he'll be completely encompassed by warmth and love at every turn (well, until those little brats surface on the elementary school playground).

Yes, I volunteered to help Mom bring in some of my presents. ;-)

I had two amazing showers: one with my mom, girlfriends, co-workers, and Zumba loves (many of whom cross many of those categories!) and another intimate shower with Jay's close family. We simply cannot say enough "thank you's" to everyone and since pictures speak louder than words, here are just a few of my favorite photos from my first shower.



With the ladies who helped put the whole shebang on... THANK YOU! <3
Sadly, no photos were taken at the Jerger family shower (kicking myself for not remembering!). It was a lovely day! But if I had taken photos you would have been graced with the lovely sight of "dirty" diapers from the melted chocolate diaper game. ;-)


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