Sense of Humor Required

If I've learned one thing during my 37 weeks of pregnancy so far, it's that you have to keep a sense of humor. (Oh and one other thing... RELAX! Keep calm and know that 99.99% of the time everything is JUST FINE if you don't feel the baby move for an hour. Seriously. Side note: If you just can't knock your motherly instinct that something is wrong, by all means, call the doctor. It's why they get paid the big bucks.)

Between all the craziness that the hormones wreak on our body (what, you're not sweating under your boobs everyday?!) and how all-consumed we are with all-baby-all-the-time-brain, it's important to remember that millions of women over thousands of years have been through this too. We might as well keep it lighthearted and laugh at ourselves along this magnificent (and let's be honest, weird body-changing) journey.

Which is why I present my 3 favorite sites for preggos - straight talking, real life, in your face, non-sugar coated goodness. It wouldn't hurt your partners to read up on these either. These weekly doses of humor, inspiration, and good advice have made me laugh out loud and also have a few "ah-ha" moments. Sign up for their weekly email newsletters so they come right to you and your pregnancy brain doesn't have to remember them.

1)  Pregnant Chicken  ::  Specifically her Pregnancy Calendar, but the whole site is boss.
2)  Lucie's List  ::  Filled with loads of great tips nobody told you.
3)  Alpha Mom's Pregnancy Calendar  ::  This one doesn't have an email option, but totally worth bookmarking and referencing each week. Plus, the illustrations are awesome.


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