Shifting gears. [5/5 Creative Challenge: Day 1]

A little structure. Sometimes that's just what I need to encourage some dedicated time to creative pursuits... or just pursuits that help me get outside the day-to-day. That's exactly what Christina provided in her 5/5 Creative Challenge for June. I'm jumping in late, but that's life. 5 snapshots from the day and 5 minutes of dedicated writing. I'm in. A nice chance to reflect and step outside the whirlwind. Here goes. [And now that I am revisiting this old slice of cyberspace after more than a year, it's evident to me that this blog is ready for a metamorphosis in many, many ways.]
As I sat down to dinner with my 14 month old son (dad was running late from work) I was struck with how much changes in my life within just one hour. In just one hour my gears shift in ways I never knew before having a child; from hurriedly tying up loose ends to things and people needing my attention at work to daycare pickup and making dinner amidst a hungry and cranky little boy with sand in his sticky sunscreen-slathered hair and pollen on his toes (the sure signs of a good day). 

The days are so beautiful lately we've been eating outside every night. After multiple trips in and out to get all the "stuff" one needs for a meal with a toddler, we finally sit down together at the table, the two of us, and I look at my sandy haired baby as he eagerly stuffs hard-boiled egg into his mouth. I chuckle and remind myself of how lucky I am to have days so full of joy and challenge, and purpose, and people who need me, and me, them. Despite the hyper-speed, how privileged I am to feel this and have this.


  1. Yes! And that little wrist kills me! He's a leftie! (Today!) And today is National left-handed day!
    Also: welcome to the bandwagon!



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