A rant. The digital toolbox. (And annoying Facebook shares.)

I ran across this on Facebook tonight... and it bugged the crap out of me.

Please, do NOT hit share. :-)

The moment I saw it, I was instantly irritated. First off, this graphic doesn't really make a point. I think it's trying to say that kids nowadays don't have imagination... or that older generations are superior to younger generations because they used "real" toys.

It's all how you look at it. Digital tools are exactly that - tools, just like crayons and coloring books - they're just newer tools that many people don't understand. And it's ok if you don't understand them, but don't be ignorant or high-and-mighty about it. Maybe it's an opportunity to become educated about them or at the very least, nonjudgmental. Digital mediums are not to be feared. Really.

Imagination runs wild with digital tools, just as it does with non-digital mediums. Younger generations just have an additional set of tools in their toolbox.... the possibilities are limitless! Apps like Paper by FiftyThree or SketchBook Pro are a perfect example of digital art tools. And look at all the good that can come of this "new-fangled" technology - causes can gain traction and funding, as mentioned in this article about Facebook or like this crowd-funded campaign on Crowdrise. It's all in how you creatively use the tools.

And for the record, I'm a HUGE fan of crayons and paper. In fact, they're sitting on my bedside table... right next to my iPad.

(Ok, stepping off soapbox. That's what I get for logging on to Facebook before I started my application to the MFA in Emergent Media program... quite fitting actually.)


  1. You go girl ! As one of the "older" generation I applaude your attpt to educate those of us who are less tech savvy. I definitely ha e my problems with social media - it takes so much time and effort to keep connected - but you will never hear me say that it stunts creativity. As you said, the possibilities with digital tools are endless and every day I learn a little more about them!



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