Retreat. [5/5 Creative Challenge: Day 8]

Two days skipped in the 5/5 Creative Challenge. The first day, I was so busy I didn't notice anything "beautiful enough" (and surely there was if I had taken the time to really notice) and I had crawled into bed before I even remembered the challenge. And then the next day? Well, it was easy to skip since I'd skipped a day before. And isn't that how all good-habit-breaking starts? Ugh. But here I am, showing up again. And I suppose that's what matters. Today:
Inside breathing stale air for the last 5 hours on this gorgeous warm sunny breezy day was torture. These days in Vermont are few and far between. I was screaming for an escape. After grabbing an iced mocha from the local coffee shop, I retreated to my favorite little tucked away beach, just a few minutes walk from my office.

Here I am, right now, taking it all in. The sand is warm and gritty between my toes, the cool water lapping at the shore, my feet in the water feeling free and massaged by the gentle lake waves. Young lovers with sunkissed skin flirt and caress on a large nearby rock. A man and his happy golden retriever go for a quick swim and game of fetch with a washed up stick. It's quiet here. Other than the sound of the waves and the breeze passing through the newly erupted, and still small, leaves overhead, it's just us - strangers on a beach. I'm sitting on a worn log, half in the shade, half in the sun, sipping my espresso, making stick art with fallen and washed up debris, and feeling all of my senses. Right here, right now. This is my retreat.


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