Late afternoon. [5/5 Creative Challenge: Day 5]

The weekend's late afternoon is so much different from that during the week. Saturday late afternoons in particular are my favorite - a time lingering in between a busy day and another day of bliss away from a computer. A much needed nap with the baby today left us both refreshed for late afternoon play time and dinner preparation. As the clouds broke for a fleeting moment today, the sun shone through and we fired up the grill to cook a pre-Father's Day feast. The whole family outside, soaking up the summertime is one of my favorite things. Jay was grilling our steak tips and shrimp while Lucas, barefooted and dirty-faced, and I sat on the edge of the deck steps playing with sticks and dirt and the fuzzy things that fall from trees and stick to your clothes. Sam wasn't far away, enjoying his own fallen treat. Dinner and bedtime followed in their usual rhythm, but late afternoon - I wish we could linger in it a little longer.


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