Stream of Consciousness [5/5 Creative Challenge: Day 2]

Today's post doesn't make a whole lot of sense. No point really. Just what came from my brain and through my fingertips. 5 minutes, 5 snapshots from today.

All is quiet. The clacking of my fingertips on the keyboard, my husband reading today's mail, the cat comfortably perched in sill, the dog asleep on the oak floor, baby is soundly sleeping in his room and the delicate sound of freshly burst leaves rustling in the evening's breeze plays through our open windows. We sit at the table together, tending to the everyday catch up - schedules and happenings, to-do's and stories. My eyes wanting to close from a busy day and sleepless night before. The air is cool; much cooler than it has been and dusk is setting in. This morning's cloudy but bright sky gave way this afternoon to dark clouds and rain. Downpours actually. Puddles formed with rings of yellow pollen pushing at their swells. It was the wrong day to hang the diapers outside on the line to dry, but at least the deck furniture received a good bath.




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