Winning. [5/5 Creative Challenge: Day 4]

Fun. Tonight was really fun. After popping into the Emergence2 gallery opening, I headed down the hill to a staff boat cruise on Lake Champlain. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night, especially since the rain seemed to halt just for us. The boys went out to dinner and completed bedtime rituals while I got to spend some time flying solo, with a drink in one hand and poker chips in another. I'm not a gambler by nature; I tend to want to hoard my (usually meager) winnings. But tonight was different. Tonight was for the pure fun of it... and no real money involved. That helps. I bet high and won. I bet high and lost. And lost. And lost until my chips were gone and the sun was setting behind the Adirondacks. Cheers and jeers were mingled with bursts of laughter. Smiles all around, everywhere you looked. We finished with dancing on the open deck. A slight breeze danced with us; just enough to keep you cool. The joy was palpable, really. We all won big tonight.

[Side note: I got ahead of myself with a new blog theme. Don't mind the mess for a while until I get my learn-as-you-go HTML legs back underneath me... which could be a while. Anyone with web dev skills willing to trade some easy work for dinner? :-)]

Ken Howell's piece in the Emergence2 show at BCA Center


  1. Liking the theme, and Love seeing the photos + glimpses into your day Sarah!



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