Anachronism: Victorian Tea with Mr. Rogers

MFA in Emergent Media | Fall 2014 semester
Assignment: Creative Anachronism
Create an image out of two or more images in which something from the present appears in the past in a way that reflects a temporal impossibility.

This took tons of time and it's still far from perfect, but alas, I am not a Photoshop master. On second thought, choosing an anachronism with people was probably harder than a still-life, but hey - why not have a little fun with this assignment and reach beyond my comfort zone?

I thoroughly enjoy myself a little Mr. Rogers. And Victorian tea time is also quite fun. In fact, the origin of this photo tells us it's 1898 in Cairo Park in Egypt where two British sisters (Vickie and Nance) are having tea with their new friend Monsieur Countour. Apparently during this time the British were obsessed with ancient Egypt and traveled extensively to get their fill. Mr. Rogers is kindly sitting in for one of the sisters, expressing his excitement to be joining them... clearly he's more excited than they are.

Download the high-resolution .zip file.


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