oh baby

Well, sticking with the love theme, here's some baby shower love. Here is my dear friend, the beautiful and very pregnant Jamie. As her baby shower gift I made her several onesies... a kid can never have too many onesies.

I sketched out the designs, made patterns and appliqued onto store-bought 100% cotton onesies. I had fun making a tree, bird, elephant, fish and polka dots.

In addition to the onesies, I really wanted to try my hand at a taggie blanket. This was so easy to make! I cheated and bought the pre-pieced quilting material for one side. The other side is a super soft light green yumminess and I sewed ribbon loops of different textures in between the two. So easy and so cute. I don't know if the baby will ever get to use it though, as their cat seems to have taken first claim at it.

Congratulations to Jamie and her husband, Rob... their little bundle of joy came into this world on Tuesday and I can't wait to meet him!!


  1. Hey Sara I love the blog its great. I didn't know you made stuff! I make jewelry, cards and knitted and crocheted stuff! We should start a business of all handmade items! I am going to add your blog to my blog roll.

  2. hey it's stoof!

    oooo!! love the onsies!! and everything else too LoL. wish you were closer. i've been looking for people that want to hang out and like knit and craft and what not. shannon and i are going to start up on that after she gets back from iraq. so i just have to find some more people for the next year lol miss you dearly :o) be well




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