everyone needs a tissue holder

Because everyone must have something pretty to hold their travel tissues, right?! Of course! I made this fun little number from a great tutorial I found on Craftster. If you don't already spend hours on Craftster (and you're into anything handmade) and I mean anything, Craftster is the place to go.

This was supposed to be a quick, one-sitting, "satisfy my crafty urge" project, but botching up my measurements the first time lead me to create a mini version (oops!). After that attempt, I tried again, this time with better results. I jazzed it up slightly with a button and elastic closure... completely not necessary, but fun nonetheless! These would make great additions to stockings at Christmas or included in a "pamper me" gift basket. Give the tutorial a try... you wouldn't want to have naked tissues, now would you?


  1. Can you explain a little bit how you added that button and loop? I've tried and I just cannot get it figured out! Thanks so much. and thanks for linking to the drawstring bag with pockets tute. It was just what I was looking for!

  2. April - actually it happened by accident! I sewed up the wrong sides, so when I put it all together I had an opening in the middle from when I had to turn the fabric right side out. I tucked in an elastic loop and then sewed it up.... sneaky! :-) But, if you are better at following directions than me and you actually make the tissue holder correctly, you could insert the elastic loop before you sew up all sides OR you can add it afterwards and leave the raw edge of the elastic on the inside of the holder. Sorry if that was too much wordage for a small solution! :-) Let me know if its not clear and we can email about it.




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