hands off that wristlet

Yet another awesome tutorial find on Craftster... A few weeks ago, we were going to visit good friends of ours who moved out of state and I wanted to bring a little gift. I gave this wristlet tutorial a try a while ago and I remembered that Logan was itching for one. I altered the basic instructions of the tutorial a bit by adding a silver bangle and changing the dimensions.

I think it came out pretty swell. It was only my second try with a zipper and the way this tut is written, it actually makes sewing a zipper relatively easy. If you're scared of zippers (like I was), try this to calm your fears and create something wicked cute to boot! Here is Logan and her husband, Jim (all happy and excited for our impending Cracker Barrel breakfast).

Aren't they cute? I loved the way the wristlet came out... I almost didn't want to give it away, but she's worth it. :o)



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