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Ok blog world, I apologize for my lack of posting (1 month to the day to be exact). You see, I work at a college. Therefore, the months of April and May are uber busy. Between travel, end of year events, and kick starting our summer program... not much time has been left for crafty endeavors. This week, however, I am on vacation and will be relaxing and crafting up some goodies. In the meantime, here are some pictures of lovely sights while on a trip to Orlando for work. We were privileged enough to have a day to play... so Epcot saw the likes of us... all... day... long. It was wonderful and beautiful and all together an amazing experience. The conference was mind-blowing as well, but I'll leave the details of that on our EMC blog.

Enjoy a small peek into the beauty of traveling around the world in one day....

(salt and pepper "shakers" - really just covers.... I loved these!)

That's all for now... next up... the awesome goodies I picked up from the store in "Japan"! I could spend a whole day in there!


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