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After hearing much buzz about the Charley Harper memory game at Old Navy several weeks back, I made my way downtown to seek out the box of little chipboard beauties. Lo and behold - none. Darn. I scoured the interwebs and Amazon saved the day.

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This arrived in the mail a few days later. I was ecstatic, yet feeling rather torn. Do I open the box, swoon over all the cards (36 pairs of different illustrations!!) and then bury them away like stolen treasure? Or do I actually play with them and run the risk of denting/scratching/dirtying them? In the end, I decided to at least give the cards one good run before I squirreled them away for some future crafty use (like this great idea from another blogger named paper and stitch - ironic!). Jay and I played over dinner and now comes the gloating - I kicked ass. I coveted 32 out of the 36 pairs by the game's end. I guess that whole memory thing isn't really his strong suit. That's ok. He makes up for it by washing the dishes.

Just so happens that on my way down to Old Navy that day I stopped at Silver Maple art shop in Burlington and much to my delight there was an oh-so-cute Charley Harper greeting card that I scored cheap with a post-holiday sale. Sweet! I ended up framing the card and the little cardinal now sits on our kitchen wall.

I've had my Charley Harper fill now... at least for a while... until I save up my pennies for this.


  1. What yummy cards! I don't think I could use them...probably just frame them!




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