corinn's birthday bash

Happy Birthday, Corinn!

Yesterday was our friend Corinn's birthday and Saturday night her hubby (and my co-worker), Ray organized a group of friends for a birthday bowling outing! The evening started off with ice cream and a freakin' gorgeous cake, homemade by Ray. Isn't it beautious? It was an extra bonus that it was delish too.

"You see guys, it's all in the spin. That's what separates me from you mere mortals."

We had a great time completely sucking at bowling. Jay and I have come to realize that a high score in Wii bowling is far more attainable than the real-life stuff. Regardless, the games were good and the company was better. No wait. The SHOES were better.

As a small gift, I made the old lady (just kidding!) a set of fabric magnets in Amy Butler prints and a fabric cut-out birthday card. These are some of my favorite gifts to make. I hope she enjoys them!

A tutorial for these fabric-covered button magnets can be found here. Except I don't use hot glue... I use E6000, the best glue ever. That stuff could adhere a sumo wrestler to a mack truck.


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