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If you're even a remote fan of video games and the Video Games Live show comes to a town near you - go! Although I'm not a huge gamer (I prefer simple classics and all things Mario), my husband is a big gamer and I work with college students studying game design, art, and programming... you could say I'm exposed and "know the lingo". Hence, I was pretty excited to hear that this show was coming to Burlington.

Video Games Live is a muse for the senses. Live orchestra and choir, light show, video and interactive audience participation all make up the show and leave you wanting more. Ok, enough of my "review jargon". Visit the website and see for yourself. Unfortunately, my photos don't do it justice and my recorded videos are huge files, so here I've decided to post some pictures of the beautiful lighting designed for the show. The way they used the intricate styling of the Flynn Theater's walls was awesome.

See? I luuuurved it. And if you're skeptical about video game music as an art form... take a look and listen. (from the Burlington, VT performance 1.17.09)


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