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Busy, busy. But what else is new, right? I have been keeping a *wish list* of fun projects I want to get to someday (including things like bookplates, bookmarks, flat notecards, magnets, everyday cards, new onesie designs, packaging ideas, etc, etc). It looks like I'll get to tackle a fair amount of them next week.

Why? Because this girl is going to be on vacation for 10 straight days... that's right, 10! Woohoo! My darling husband has taken a couple of days off too, even though it's not easy for him to do. We're going to stay local (and save gas!) and travel to some touristy places we've never been to, because, well... we're locals. On the docket is Shelburne Museum ,which is now harboring some beautiful Mary Cassatt pieces until October. Also, I'm particularly excited about this exhibit and this exhibit! We're also thinking about hitting up the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center; basically because we're geeks and I like their gift shop. (oooh, I just looked at their current exhibit - the physics of human body movement! I can dance with my shadow and email it to people! I love interactive exhibits!). I'm link-happy today, can't you tell?

During my non-tourist trampsing time, I hope to be logging some joyful hours in my craft room and on the computer. I've drawn up patterns for two custom orders of some new onesie appliques, which I'm excited to start picking out fabric for. I also can't wait to spend some time drawing some new graphic design ideas for bookplates and notecards in Illustrator.

In other news, a quick trip to Connecticut this weekend yielded 4 bags of craft supplies from my grandmother. They've downsized and were looking to give it all a good home. Cue me, stage right. After a quick glance through, there are some promising prospects - beautiful beads, shells, lace, ribbon (oh, the ribbon!), and tasteful faux birds (which are just begging for a project like this!). Some supplies might travel Donation Road, but I'll be happy they're in a good home. :-) Let the sorting begin!

Happy Fourth of July to you! Hope there is a yummy barbeque headed your way! (Lucky for me, mine involves the little one down below!) And if you're one of the many on vacation this week, enjoy... do the things that bring you joy and satisfaction!


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