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So this is not my typical crafty post. I did, however, get the chance tonight to witness a man who is a true master of his craft. Elton John, live in concert, here in little old Vermont. Vermont rounded out his mission to perform in all 50 states by pulling up the rear. We may have been last, but those of us in the sea of 10,000 strong certainly didn't get the short straw. You may notice it's almost 1 am as I write this post... that's how jazzed and energized I still am after seeing him. On a normal night I would have long since been asleep.

I spent the evening with two of my favorite ladies, Katherine and Donna, dancing, laughing, and singing at the top of our lungs. It's always sure to be a fun night with those two. For the beginning of the night we somehow assumed atrocious French accents and must have been horribly annoying to anyone within earshot, but... meh. The night progressed with Sir Elton himself, decked out in red tuxedo stripe pants and a sparkling flashy black coat with tails. He truly is a remarkable performer. He brought the crowd from near tears performing "Candle in the Wind" to full-on jumping and shouting to "Bennie and the Jets" - all in a matter of seconds. You know it's a good concert when you pay 100 bucks for a seat you never actually sit on.

The night came to what seemed like a quick close, although Elton had performed for a full two and a half hours already. It was pretty amazing to see how one person can affect so many people. I stared around, smiling, looking at all the faces of young and old who were laughing, crying, singing, staring on with deep connection to a man they didn't really know. Wow. It was quite a magical evening. For what was supposed to be a rainy night, it turned out absolutely perfect... calm and cool, with one star shining amazingly bright.

(Oh, and Katherine may have gotten stuck in a fence while trying to squeeze through it as we were searching for our car. And I may just have a picture of that hilarious incident coming soon... emailed from the camera phone of the security guard who helped get her unstuck. Just maybe.) ;-)

:: Update :: There she be!


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