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Our field trip to Shelburne Museum last week yielded so many cool photos and amazing sights. There were a few artists and exhibits in particular that peaked my interest and plain ol' amused the hell out of me. Here's something from the Growing Green exhibit at the Kalkin House that gave us a good chuckle. Ok, no. More than that. A belly laugh.

After much Googling, I found these are the works of designer Tristan Zimmerman. They are part of a 4-piece collection of planters displaying scenes you could stumble across while roaming through a city park. The scale of the figurines elevates your normal sized houseplant to have the feel a full grown tree.

The full collection features a mugger, a flasher, a lost salesman, and um, a couple having some fun. Check out the other planters here. Classic.

The contemporary art in the Kalkin House was awesome to say the least. In fact, the entire Kalkin House (which is made out of trans-oceanic shipping containers and other reused warehouse materials) was sweet.

I would love to live in a funky space like this... modern, clean, semi-industrial, yet surprisingly liveable and made mostly out of recycled products. Very cool. Work by plush artist Joshua Longo, which is showcased in the Kalkin House, is totally awesome (at the risk of sounding like-totally-80's) and I will feature it in an upcoming post.


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